This small size nocturne (i.e. a scene taking place at night) was painted on a board the size of a notebook. Jan Stanisławski was known for his love of such “miniature” formats because they gave him the freedom to create directly in the open air.

Jan Stanisławski, Fire in a village, własność prywatna

The “Fire in a village” was probably created during one of the artist’s stays in his native Ukraine. Regardless of many travels to Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Paris or Cracow, Stanisławski invariably returned to his beloved homeland. He recorded the sights along with all the emotions that they awoke in him. Just like his contemporary artists, he observed how the light influenced colours and how hues changed in composition under the influence of atmospheric factors.

In the “Fire in a village” there is a lack of colour. A bright glow illuminates a barely recognizable horizon. As if we were observers of the event ourselves, first we see the brightness of the flames, only after a while we see a barely visible path leading to the village and a blurred outline of the buildings on the left. The suddenness of the fire is disturbing, but the feeling quickly passes in the face of the calm stillness of the night. All we can do is hypnotically observe the power of the element.

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