Being in a voluntary quarantine, I feel a little like Ophelia from a painting by John Everett Millais. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about her death. It’s about the condition in which she was shown. I also feel like I’m inertly floating in water of time. I observe what passes me by, especially what I love most – the sun filled nature and its beauty, but I feel it is beyond my reach. I sit still in my apartment, just like the model who posed for the painting. Elizabeth Siddal had to endure many hours in a bathtub full of water in a heavy dress because the situation required it. She paid for it with pneumonia, while at the same time contributing to this remarkable painting. We are in a different situation from her, we also have much better conditions for our stillness and let us use them for a more important cause. We are making sure that as many of us as possible would enjoy the moment when nature awakens to life again and explodes in all its abundance.

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