This is one of my favorite representations of the moment of resurrection. Its author is the Master Francke, a Dominican artist active mainly in Hamburg. When composing this scene, he seems to be absorbed not only by the mystery of overcoming death. He was also occupied by its practical aspect.

Before Christ takes the triumphant pose, he must somehow get out of the grave. Therefore, he literally scrambles from a hole in the ground. The soldiers guarding him are all fast asleep, therefore no one is to give him a hand. He must act on his own, we see him with his left leg already thrown outside the edge of the grave and lifting on his right hand. The artist has already showed him with the attributes of the Resurrected: a flag and a red-green robe. However, for the moment they are a bit unhelpful. I appreciate this practical approach, adorned with a subtle sense of humor.

Master Francke, Resurrection, ca. 1424,
Kunsthalle Hamburg, Hamburg

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